How To Choose The Best Facebook Cover Photos For Your Enterprise?

Facebook has changed its page completely and owing to it all facebook users had to go through the transition phase. Though initially this seemed cumbersome but the new timeline has come with a whole lot of features that not only work wonders for a personal page but are equally a viable choice for all the people who had a professional page on facebook cover photos.

Timeline has got many aspects that are considered a winner aspects; however one feature that has caught the eye of every professional is the Funny Pictures For Facebook. Actually a small section is allotted at the top of the page for displaying image and this is done for easy recognition and instant impact of a page. This feature although considered a winner formula also demands utmost care as the fact remains that you cannot upload any photograph for having the desired impact.

Choosing the best cover photo for your enterprise is no small task as there are certain fundamentals laid down by facebook regarding the cover photo. In fact, facebook is so stringent regarding cover photo that the size of the cover photo too is specified. According to facebook, the cover photo should be 851X315 pixel in size. It can even be bigger than this but not smaller than this. Although lot many writers do suggest that you can use an existing photograph as cover photo but unfortunately the effect does not come out the same.

Another thing to consider is the relevance of the photograph as anything that is not related does not hold any meaning. Imagine, if you are selling soap and post a picture of dolls, then what will happen. Hence choose a photograph that justifies your merchandise/service to the hilt. In fact you can click a photo of your merchandise and then use it as cover photo. You can also add headline to the photograph for maximized impact. However, do not get too experimental here and do not start proposing discounts and sale on the cover photo as it is a strict no-no and against the policies of facebook. Contact information, email id’s, features like “like” and “share” etc are also not appreciated.

Facebook cover photos are a sure shot winner formula if one is taking facebook seriously for business promotion. However if the above mentioned rules are not adhered to, then definitely an entrepreneur might suffer as facebook will banish the page. Another thing about Cool Cover Photos For Facebook is that introducing the logo along with a photo of the product will be more impactful as the logo will remain embedded in the mind of viewers and visitors of the page. Hence do make use of cover photo for getting more business but be careful of your choice.

Merge facebook with competitor’s website for gaining business


Internet is the best option for spreading business globally and this fact has been recognized by the business community around the world. It is also an established statement that all the aspiring as well as exiting entrepreneurs has created an online profile for their business and this has given rise to extensive competition amongst the entrepreneurs.

This competitive spirit is definitely a boost to lot many entrepreneurs who work on their web page to make it stand out amongst the rest. However if one really needs to survive in the virtual competitive scenario and make the most of it to increase ones business and mint money, then the best thing to do would be to make peace with the rival. Now is this really a wise move? Definitely, a small step like merging your facebook banners page with your rival’s website would be an excellent means of promoting your business.

How does the merger work?

Well, you can start by embedding your facebook icon on the website of your rival firm and of course with their permission. You can also post your facebook link on the website of your rival. Now the benefit here is that whenever any visitor comes to view the page of the rival then they will get to know about your link and they might also click on the link or the facebook icon. Once they click on it then definitely they will immediately be linked to your page and then the first thing that they will see is your facebook cover photos. With an impressive cover photo they will definitely get mesmerised and will go through your page content and if they like your content then they might click on the like application. Also there is another advantage here and that is sharing of your facebook link with their own friends, family and acquaintance.

This kind of thing sets a course for viral marketing as the link will keep on getting posted further though each acquaintance. Also with posting your cover designers link on rival website you are assured of targeted traffic.

Now again the question arises that why only look forward for targeted traffic?

Well, targeted traffic is a sure shot assurance of getting more and more business. Targeted traffic stands for people who are genuinely interested in particular merchandise and that is why they visit a certain website for information. When you form a merger with such website then definitely you will get clientele that will be knowledgeable about your merchandise and will also have genuine interest in your merchandise. Once they like your merchandise then they will definitely invest in it.

Another vital question is “why will your rival allow you to post your link on his website”?

Well, the answer here is very simple. Here the fundamental solely lies on barter system. Once you post your facebook link on your rival website, in exchange you also will have to post their link on your facebook page. Through this method definitely they are also getting directed traffic to their page through you.

Be as popular as movie stars with facebook

Facebook, the most happening destination in the world is getting further popular with each passing day. This is so because facebook is evolving with time. There is no comparison between the earlier version of facebook and the newer one. Yet if you actually go by the application aspect of facebook then you will find that facebook banners was still technologically much ahead of other social networking sites of that time.

Facebook has transformed the way people mingle across the board. Now no more does one need to hunt out the address and phone number of some long-lost friend or relative as now with facebook everything is there on platter on facebook. The reason here is very simple; everybody and anybody you know is a part of facebook.

So what is a personal gain that a person can have on facebook? Well, what about fame; of course there many people who want to be recognized for their existing talent but do not have the means or the know-how of how to go about it.

Now definitely the next question is why facebook? Well, again the answer is simple, the great viewer ship that facebook offers is the biggest advantage of facebook. If you are a singer then you can make a video of your song on You Tube and post the link of the video on facebook. The moment your facebook cover designers view the video then definitely they are going to post their like here. Apart from that, they will also post your video links on their wall. Now this link will be viewed by their set of friends and they will further post the link on their wall if they like it. Now this will set a chain and definitely make your video go viral and will invite innumerable hits. Here more the hits, more the fame and more are the chances of the right people getting to view your video and give you an opportunity. If not in real world then definitely you will gather fame in virtual world, which is predominantly governed by facebook.

Facebook covers is another advantage of facebook as people who will be viewing your page will form an impression about you majorly though the first impression that they get. Therefore it is very important to make an impressionable cover page with a striking picture and if possible a clip of your work. This is definitely a boon and has worked in favour of budding models, actors as well as people in other fields as they have gained maximum hits with eye-popping pictures.

Facebook has made many people popular and has given a platform to lot many talented people. The facebook community is so widespread that fame of people who are gifted has spread world-wide and has introduced many talents in the real world.

You too can make a winner out of yourself if you have the little gift in you. For this you need not have any other special gift apart from talent but you just need to be a part of facebook community. So grab this wonderful offer and be famous through facebook.

YouTube and facebook together make business work

What is the dream of an entrepreneur? Of course! To see ones business grow in leaps and bounds. Then what do you think would be the most economical and successful means of ensuring a successful business growth? Well, if you course through all the probabilities then you will find the merger of facebook covers  and YouTube the best option to bank on.

Facebook and YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video upload website and the success of this video display website can easily be gauged by the number of people uploading personal and professional videos here every day. From personal videos to videos on product line, movie clips, music videos, hotel galleries, paintings, recipes etc, the content available on YouTube is unending.

Where facebook is concerned, there is no explanation required about this popular website’s traffic inflow. It is said that there are millions of viewers logging in every second on this popular website and interacting each moment. It is said that soon the user base count is going to range in billions as facebook is accessible in even smaller destinations across the globe.

The great merger

Now since we have established that both these websites are successful in their own means, therefore for any enterprise owner the best thing to do would be to merge these two websites for business promotion.

Now you must be wondering as to how do we do this. Well, you can actually start by preparing a YouTube video of your company profile alongwith your product range. Ensure that all key features are including in the video and the lighting as well as sound effects are up to the mark. You can even include subtitles for ease of understanding. Once you have made the video, the next step is to click on the “share” link and then select facebook on the provided options. Once you click on the “facebook banners” link, immediately a statement would be displayed, asking permission and once you permit then immediately the video gets displayed on your facebook wall.

The effect of viral marketing

Once the YouTube video gets displayed online then immediately it gets viewed by friends, family and professional contacts. When they view the video then definitely there are going to be reactions; some might like it and display their approval by clicking on the “like” tab, some others might post a comment on your wall while there are others who would actually post the link on their wall. Once the link gets displayed on other people’s wall then definitely there would be more likes, comments and further posting of link on other people’s wall. This actually sets chain marketing for the video and since more and more people will get to view the video and see the link then definitely there would be more inflow of traffic for your website and more buyers for your product.

YouTube and facebook merger is the best thing that one can do for their website as this merger brings instant attention to a merchandise and website.