How To Choose The Best Facebook Cover Photos For Your Enterprise?

Facebook has changed its page completely and owing to it all facebook users had to go through the transition phase. Though initially this seemed cumbersome but the new timeline has come with a whole lot of features that not only work wonders for a personal page but are equally a viable choice for all the people who had a professional page on facebook cover photos.

Timeline has got many aspects that are considered a winner aspects; however one feature that has caught the eye of every professional is the Funny Pictures For Facebook. Actually a small section is allotted at the top of the page for displaying image and this is done for easy recognition and instant impact of a page. This feature although considered a winner formula also demands utmost care as the fact remains that you cannot upload any photograph for having the desired impact.

Choosing the best cover photo for your enterprise is no small task as there are certain fundamentals laid down by facebook regarding the cover photo. In fact, facebook is so stringent regarding cover photo that the size of the cover photo too is specified. According to facebook, the cover photo should be 851X315 pixel in size. It can even be bigger than this but not smaller than this. Although lot many writers do suggest that you can use an existing photograph as cover photo but unfortunately the effect does not come out the same.

Another thing to consider is the relevance of the photograph as anything that is not related does not hold any meaning. Imagine, if you are selling soap and post a picture of dolls, then what will happen. Hence choose a photograph that justifies your merchandise/service to the hilt. In fact you can click a photo of your merchandise and then use it as cover photo. You can also add headline to the photograph for maximized impact. However, do not get too experimental here and do not start proposing discounts and sale on the cover photo as it is a strict no-no and against the policies of facebook. Contact information, email id’s, features like “like” and “share” etc are also not appreciated.

Facebook cover photos are a sure shot winner formula if one is taking facebook seriously for business promotion. However if the above mentioned rules are not adhered to, then definitely an entrepreneur might suffer as facebook will banish the page. Another thing about Cool Cover Photos For Facebook is that introducing the logo along with a photo of the product will be more impactful as the logo will remain embedded in the mind of viewers and visitors of the page. Hence do make use of cover photo for getting more business but be careful of your choice.


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